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Who Killed

Kim Thomas?

Kim Thomas has been dead almost as long as she was alive. She was born on June 8, 1958 and today, she would be 64 years old. And nearly 32 years since her savage, senseless murder – one of the most brutal Charlotte has ever seen – there are still more questions than answers for those who were touched by her life – and death. 

These many years later, Kim’s case remains unsolved; no one has been prosecuted for her murder. What we do know is that on July 27, 1990, this passionate, vibrant, and loving woman was forever silenced – drained of life, her throat slashed during the attack, with more than 50 cuts to her neck. Her head was nearly severed from her body save for her spine and some soft tissue.

How do you measure a life – especially one that was taken so tragically and violently? We become so focused on the circumstances surrounding Kim’s death that we forget how she lived – who she was to those who loved her and love her still.

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