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A Letter to Kim's Parents from her Neighbor Betty McCorkle

July 1, 1999

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

I live on Churchill Road and knew and loved your daughter, Kim. Many times I have wanted to write to you.

We met in the Churchill Road driveway when you were visiting Kim after the hurricane, Hugo. (late in year”89 or very early “90). You many not remember and I may not have the correct address.

But I have a reason to get in touch with you. Even before the tragedy I kept newspaper clippings on Kim. (She was active and so popular.) I added to these as time dictated.

I’m now 73 years old, widowed and nearly deaf. I’m planning to move into a small apartment in Sharon Towers, the local Presbyterian Retirement Home. I am having to dispose of many keepsakes. I must do something with my “Kim” scrapbook.

You may not want this kind of reminder, or if not, Kim’s sisters may be interested. I hope you do want it and that I’ve not caused you pain.

I loved her very much and treasure my memory of her. I cannot just leave her scrapbook to an uncaring person.

I think of you often. I do hope you are finding some peace. I lost my husband in December 1997 and I miss him very much.

Always, I try to remember God has plans for us and we will all go to be with him in time.

Sending my very best wishes to you along with my “Kim” scrapbook.

I am very truly yours,

Betty McCorkle


We are working to keep Kim’s memory alive and get her murder solved. If you have information about Kim’s Murder or a memory you’d like to share, please contact us. And, please sign up to receive updates.


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