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On 30th Anniversary of the Murder of Kim Thomas, Loved Ones Still Have No Closure

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

To mark the 30th anniversary of the murder of Kim Thomas, her family and friends have come together to honor Kim’s life, help keep her memory alive, and find justice for her. Our new website will be a central repository for remembrances of Kim, material related to the murder investigation, and a point of contact for anyone who would like to stay up to date on the case.

“Thirty years have passed and no one has been held criminally responsible for my sister Kim Thomas’ murder. This is not okay. My unwavering and fervent quest for justice for Kim will only end with a conviction. Darrell Price, sergeant of the Cold Case Unit in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, keeps Kim’s case active. In the near future, he will be presenting it to renowned experts to gain additional insights.

There are new technologies that may help with determining the time of death and potentially uncover new evidence. Kim is gone, but she is definitely not forgotten; she left many powerful waves and ripples that are still palpable and evident every day.”

-Lynn Thomas


We are working to keep Kim’s memory alive and get her murder solved. If you have information about Kim’s Murder or a memory you’d like to share, please contact us. And, please sign up to receive updates.

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